About us

About Best Tax Free

BEST TAX FREE is a company that offers financial solutions for the refund of VAT to non-EU tourists. Our financial solutions free affiliated establishments from all administrative procedures related to VAT refunds, in an automated manner and without any additional cost.

We have technological tools at our disposal that are in constant development, which guarantee the automaticity of processes, and maximum security in the operations involved. We provide additional tools for management profiles, via which online monitoring can be carried out of the refund procedures under way in your shop.

We provide quality training, personalised and tailored attention to our members, which translates in complete satisfaction for the tourist, improving results in commercial activity and increased margins.

Our team is made up of professionals that have directly collaborated in the setting up and development of TAX FREE solutions for third parties, which gives us extensive experience in the sector, allowing us to select and work with the most effective and competitive solutions within it.

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